Midmark 223 Power Exam Table


Accessibility comes down to many features. Updated and available options have pushed exam tables into its current state of technology, helping patients to be able to get on the table using as many tools as possible. The Ritter 223 Barrier-Free® Power Exam Table takes all the discomfort away from the experience by offering as many features as possible to make it easier to sit on the exam table.

The Ritter 223 begins with a height adjustment that can go as low as 18 inches and as high as 37 inches. This offers patients of any height or ability the chance to sit on the exam table without any hitches. This seemingly small bit of technology can shave minutes of a patient’s visit, which cuts down the wait time for other patients. Along with the power height feature, a power back allows medical professionals the chance to put the patient in an optimal position for examination. Once the patient is seated, a pull out footrest can extend the length to 76.7″. Any patient, at just about any height, will be able to sit or lie down when it’s fully extended.

Other Standard Features include a hidden paper roller, stirrups, a drawer heater and an electrical receptacle. The roller is able to hold widths from 3″ to 21.5″ for use in any situation. A drawer heater up to 35 watts will keep your equipment warm, and a hospital-grade, built-in electrical receptacle is available to immediately discharge of medical items when needed.

The Ritter 223 has a one piece top that is soft, functional and can be stored anywhere in the office when it’s not being used. The tops easily support the same weight as the table, 400 lbs, that it attaches to and is approximately 40 percent larger than standard tables in the industry.

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Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable Height to Fit the Needs of Any Patient
  • Easy to Clean Thanks to Smooth Surface and Material
  • Adjustable Back for Easier Patient Evaluations
  • Pull Out Footrest for Added Comfort
  • Footrest Extends Table to 76.7″ for Better Comfort
  • Hidden Paper Roller Holds 21.5″ Wide Paper
  • Heater and Electrical Receptacle are Standard Features
  • Easy to Clean Upholstery Top
  • Top Easily Removes When Needed

Product Specifications

  • Maximum Length: 76.6″
  • Minimum Height: 18″
  • Maximum Height: 37″
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Top Style: Soft Touch, Stitched
  • Top Dimensions
    • Length: 56″
    • Width: 30.5″
    • Height: 32″


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