Steris (AMSCO) 3085SP Surgical Table (Bariatric)


The Steris 3085 General Surgical Table provides complete flexibility for patient positioning and is one of the most reliable and popular surgical tables.

Its proven performance ensures increased productivity, ease of use and long term reliability. Trusted for years by healthcare facilities across the world, the 3085 is a cost-effective solution for the general OR.

The Steris 3085 General Surgical Table handles virtually all the surgical specialties you expect a general surgical table to handle.

  • Urology and neurology
  • Pediatrics and bariatrics
  • ENT and endovascular
  • Orthopedics, including skeletal traction, with accessories.


Features for a wide array of procedures:

  • Familiar, easy to use hand control quickly performs table articulations for any patient posture needed
  • Return-to-level button enhances patient safety
  • Reverse orient button simplifies patient positioning
  • Radiolucent Orthopedic Extension quickly converts this workhorse general surgical table into a fracture table
  • Bariatric Width Extenders stretch the table width to 28″ to accommodate the girth of up to a 1,000 lb patient
  • Over 300 surgical table accessories are available to accommodate virtually any surgical specialty

The 1,000 pound (454 kg) capacity of the 3085 surgical table not only includes the ability to support the patient in Normal Orientation, but also to raise, lower and posture the patient using the standard table controls, with the exception of side tilt. A 500 lb (227 kg) rating applies to side tilt in Normal Orientation and all Reverse Patient Orientation use.

When the mobile, radiolucent orthopedic extension is in place, the 3085 SP surgical table has the positioning flexibility of an orthopedic surgical table for procedures such as hip pinning, intramedullary nailing (shown in photo), and tibia and fibula surgery.


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