Steris (AMSCO) Synergy Washer


The Reliance Synergy Washer/Disinfector is a mechanical washer equipped with an Eagle 3000 Stage 3 control system. The washer/disinfector is designed with nine adjustable cycles. One additional cycle is available for customized programming to meet specific operating requirements. Three injection pumps are provided with a standard washer/disinfector. One enzyme pump, one detergent pump and one lubricant pump (for Thermal Rinse phase) increase the flexibility of the customized cycles. Up to five injection pumps can be installed. Each pre-programmed cycle is equipped with PreWash, Enzyme, Wash, Rinse and Thermal Rinse phases.


Steris Reliance Synergy Specifications


  • Exterior dimensions: 42 x 80 x 36-1/2” (1067 x 2032 x 927 mm)
  • Interior chamber dimensions: 26-1/2 x 26-1/4 x 26” (673 x 667 x 660 mm)
  • Load Height: 31” (787 mm) above finished floor
  • Weight, kg (lb): 544.3 kg (1,200.2 lb)


  • Dw Rinse (Cycle Duration, Min): 0-10
  • Rinse (Fluid Reservoir): 0-15
  • Rinse / Lubricate (Cycle Duration, Min): 0-10
  • Detergent Wash (Cycle Duration, Min): 0-15
  • Cold Pre-wash (Cycle Duration, Min): 0-15
  • Dry (Cycle Duration, Min): 0-30
  • Pump Intensity, HP (Signals): Dual-speed 7.5, 2
  • Max Flow, gal/min (Signals): 340.7 (90); 916 (242)
  • Controller (Power Needed): Microprocessor
  • Heat Source (Control Console): Steam or electric


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