Our staff members have extensive, expert knowledge of the medical equipment industry, as well as specialized training and education from the International Society of Appraisers.  This level of education and understanding enables us to accurately evaluate and assign the correct value to your equipment. No matter what specific needs you may have, KMA Remarketing® is the expert, neutral third party capable of providing any professional appraisal services. 

The KMA Difference

Ask any general appraiser or medical equipment dealer if they can perform an appraisal of your practice or facility, and it’s likely the answer will be yes.  Then ask if they:

  • Are able to meet your appraisal needs for any size project from a single piece of equipment to an entire hospital?
  • Have experience in all types of appraisals and appraisal-related services, including insurance damage claims, liquidations, and business valuations?
  • Have years of experience performing hospital inventories and appraisals for both bankrupt non-staffed facilities and operational facilities that still provide patient care?
  • Are accredited members of the International Society of Appraisers, which trains appraisers with the most comprehensive personal property appraisal education program in America?
  • Have staff members that have taken professional courses and passed rigorous exams in the Core Course in Appraisal Studies, the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices, being a professional witness and assessing damage claims?

When you choose an appraiser of medical equipment, it is extremely important to consider these criteria.  KMA Remarketing® will answer YES to all of these questions.  Whether you are a physician who is retiring after a long and distinguished career or a health care facility that is planning to purchase a doctor’s practice, KMA Remarketing® is the your answer.