Hill-rom Advanta P1600 Hospital Bed (Base Model)


The Hill-rom Advanta features promote safety and simplicity. It includes easy grip side rail controls that are conveniently located in a central location where patient and caregiver interaction occurs. The featured One-button Chair In position enables caregiver to place patient in the chair position while the bed remains at low height. Its four corner brake and steer system allows for easy mobility, and a CPR release function is available to allow for quick CPR positioning along with a removable headboard to assist in CPR positioning.

The built in side rail positioning control allows patients to access bed control and adjust as needed for their level of comfort. Lockout for these controls is also possible so the bed may not be adjusted with patient controls. A night light is located at the front end of the bed frame for in-bed safety.


Hill-Rom Advanta Hospital Bed Features

  • Easy Grip side rail controls
  • Removable headboard
  • Removable IV pole
  • Central brake/steer
  • Drainage bag holders
  • Caregiver footboard controls
  • Removable footboard
  • Speaker for Nurse Call
  • CPR Release: Takes head down from elevated position
  • Side rails that may be stowed, lowered, or raised.
  • Patient Position Monitor: The integrated PPM has multiple modes of operation and multiple volume settings. It allows caregivers to individually determine the proper level of unattended monitoring for each patient. The PPM was designed by caregivers for a balance of flexibility and ease of use.


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