Midmark 230 Power Exam Chair



Having the right equipment can make all the difference—starting with the procedure chair. The Ritter 230 is designed to provide the flexibility needed for optimal patient positioning during a range of procedures.


A power procedure chair with all the basic features you need


Powered multi-positioning capabilities, including knee-chest


Ergonomic, intuitive standard hand control in an easy-to-find location

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The pressure of managing a medical practice is more complex than ever. The Ritter 230 Power Procedures Table is a wise investment that will improve the efficiency and comfort of both your staff and your patients.

Midmark thought of everything when designing this table. With countless standard features and over 30 accessories, The Ritter 230 will satisfy your needs unlike any other solution.  With the push of a button The Ritter 230 will move into numerous positions including knee-chest, lithotomy, flat, low entry and trendelenburg. With our rising population of less mobile, elderly and heavier patients the low height and multi-positioning capabilities help improve patient security; and at the same time reduce fatigue, back and neck strain, and work place injury.

Features and Benefits:

  • Seamless Upholstery Top with Ritter 230 Exam Chair
  • Power height, back, foot and tilt
  • 450 lb. weight capacity with Ritter 230 Exam Chair
  • Upholstery Width Dimensions: Headrest: 18″ (45.7 cm), Back support: 28″ (71.1 cm), Seat: 28″ (71.1 cm), Foot Support: 18″ (45.7 cm)
  • Height: Minimum 22.5″, Maximum 40″ seat height adjustment (non-rotation models)
  • Seat Tilt Angle Range: 0° to 30°
  • Back Support Angle Range: 0° to 85°
  • Foot Support Angle Range: 0° to 90°
  • Patient Support Surface Length In Flat position: 72″ or 83″ with headrest extended
  • Ritter 230 Power Procedures Table holds 18″ x 3.5″ paper roll
  • Stainless Steel Treatment Pan
  • Stirrups are standard
  • Hospital grade outlets


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