Steris (AMSCO) 3043 Sterilizer


Steris (Amsco) 3043-Eagle 3000 Stage 3 series, 24″x 36″ x 48″, single door sterilizer Recess mounted, or optional cabinet package. Model 3043. Pre-vac sterilizer, (3041 variant for gravity operation) with operating temperature of 250°-270°F.


Steris (Amsco) 3043 Gravity/Pre-vacuum Single Door Sterilizers
  • Designed for sterilization of liquids in flasks with vented closures, at 250°f (122°c), and also heat-and-moisture-stable goods at 270°f (132°c)
  • Pre-vacuum designed for efficient, high-volume processing of heat-and-moisture-stable materials, such as fabrics, wrapped hard goods, glassware at 270°f (132°c)
  • Pre-vacuum unit will also run gravity-type-cycles
  • Renovated 24″ x 36″ x 48″ pressure chamber and radial arm door
  • Control column includes an easy-to-read vacuum florescent display
  • An integral thermal printer


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