Hill-rom Totalcare Hospital Bed (Base Model)


The TotalCare Bed features both manual and hydraulic controls with which the caregiver can easily transition the patient surface into numerous positions from either side. Voltage switches operate the electric controls and are accessible to both caregiver and patient. The manual controls allow the bed to be operated and adjusted during transport when electric power is not available. Head, knee, foot, and bed up/down functions are easily operated through the hydraulic manual control, and a lockout feature is available to caregivers in order to disable the bed system articulating functions.

Configurations with air mattresses include a powered air surface designed for enhanced comfort with safeguards to assist in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

Due to its versatility and ease of use in emergency situations, this bed is ideal for acute patient care, medical/surgical care, post anesthesia care, and certain emergency departments.


Hill-Rom TotalCare Hospital Bed Features

  • Side rail controls
  • Removable Headboard
  • Removable Footboard
  • Locking Wheels (x4)
  • Brake pedal on both sides of bed
  • CPR Release – lowers head down from the elevated position to a flat position
  • CGI Interface
  • Manual and electric controls


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