Skytron 6500 HD


The Skytron 6500 HD Hercules Refurbished Operating Table is a modern surgical table with an 850 lbs weight capacity (in normal position). Features include wired hand control, 180º tabletop rotation, hydro-electric brakes, and C-Arm compatibility. The 6500HD comes with North American Side Rails which fit most accessories. This surgical table is a multi-purpose operating table and a great choice for almost any surgical setting.


The Skytron 6500 HD is a great surgical table able to lift up to 850 lbs patient load.
Product Specifications
  • Weight Capacity: 850 lbs.
  • Height Adjustment : 27” to 44”
  • Top Rotation: 180°
  • Foot / Leg Down: 105° (Removable)
  • Foot / Leg Up: 20°
  • Back Down: 40°
  • Back Up: 60°
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg: 20°
  • Lateral Tilt: 20°
  • General use electro-hydraulic surgical table
  • Can lift and fully articulate patients weighing up to 850 lbs.
  • C-Arm compatible
  • X-ray top set
  • 180 degree table top rotation
  • Return to level
  • Buttons are clearly labeled, making the table easy to use and enhancing patient safety
  • Fail-safe feature makes sure brakes are locked prior to table use
  • Stainless steel cover is attractive and easy to clean
  • Self-leveling, four-point brake system
  • Built-in kidney bridge
  • Manually-operated head section features a full width quick-release bar
  • Removable powered leg section
  • Narrow base
  • Positions include: – Trendelenburg – Back (raise or lower) – Side (lateral tilt) – Foot (raise or lower) – Flex (“v” or inverted “v”)


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